2012 Inn on the Harbour, Prince Rupert, BC  Mackin Tanaka Architect, West Vancouver, BC

2008 Hotel Spa renovation/addition, Vancouver, BC HRHatch Architect, Vancouver, BC
2008 YVR Spa renovation/addition, Richmond, BC HRHatch Architect, Vancouver, BC2008 Shopping Mall Spa renovation/addition, West Vancouver, BC HRHatch Architect, Vancouver, BC
2008 Keg Restaurant renovation, New Westminster, BC HRHatch Architect, Vancouver, BC
2007 Retail Store with coffee shop renovation/addition, Victoria, BC The Bailey Group, Vancouver, BC
2006 Starbucks coffee shop confederation Village, BC Gustavson Wiley Architecture, Vancouver, BC

1986 Multi-Purpose Rehabilitation/Recreation/Vocational Therapy Centre for physically challenged War Veterans, Tehran, Iran Shida Neshat Candidate for Master’s degree in Architecture, School of Architecture, University of Shahid Beheshti (Former Melli), Tehran, Iran


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