At SNA, we aim to design Sustainable buildings, noble in the message they convey and beautiful in appearance.


What makes us proud of ourselves and interesting to our clients  is our vision to care about the goals of our clients, the quality of life of the buildings’ users, the prosperity of our children, the well-being of our community, the diversity of our culture, the health of our society, the strength of our economy and the sustainability of our environment, without compromising one to another.


We look at our clients as entrepreneurs who shape the future of our society through their determination and risk-taking. They bring wealth to our community and make our physical and social environment beautiful and healthy.


We look at ourselves not only as designers but as architectural information analysts. We direct our clients to take well-informed decisions that not only secure higher profit for their investments but also gain the respect of their community and the trust of future building users. We think that this is the best way to make the approval process by the authorities easier and faster.



At SNA we recognize the role buildings play in our life.


We look at buildings as sources of support, protection, connection and inspiration. We think that sustainable buildings not only safeguard our health and well-being but also secure the prosperity of the future generation.


We look at architectural design as the journey of an idea toward life in which the mind, heart and soul of each of us play a role in its creation. Our focus is to find the perfect balance between spatial arrangement, cost efficiency, durability and beauty in design.


At SNA we dedicate ourselves to on-time delivery of our projects and we are proud of our courteous customer service for which we have good testimony from our references.